Below Knee for Web

Fit? Function? Appearance?
It takes a prosthetist and an artist to get all three!
Why are you compromising?




All fitting and component selections are individually made to maximize prosthetic outcomes for fit, function and appearance.

Sad but true, appearance is the last thing on your prosthetists mind. And there is a reason. It is really not in his skill sets. He did his job. It was about getting you walking again. And if he did it right, you do, and are comfortable and able to do most of the things you did before your amputation/injury. But that pipe you were walking on needed a lot more
than a foam cover, and you waited for more. At least you can cover it with pants, right?

You don’t need to settle unless you want to. And to be honest, most people do. But I have also found that you can’t treat appearance as an after thought to make it work. And I have also found many patient settle for more than just a loss of appearance. And it amazes me what they accept. I see it in my clinic everyday. And I am glad that you don’t have to be one of them, because Genesis can make something more like what you thought you were going to get. From start to finish. From casting to the final brush stroke.

While many come here for improved appearance, it is routine that improvements on fit and function are achieved as well.



The finished below knee prosthesi has been shaped and custom painted to look like the patient. It’s also important to know the components of the prosthesis impact the results of the finish.

Prosthetic Keels and Energy Storing Feet

Genesis is a full service prosthetic clinic, fitting all types of prosthetic components. Energy storing feet are not really new, but patients should be aware of the many variety available. The selection of the prosthetic foot can greatly impact the appearance and function of your prosthesis as well. The principle works kind of like an upside-down diving board, like the diver being sprung into the air, the foot can assist in propelling the patient forward during walking.