Facial prosthetics restore not only a patients image, but can be very important to restore function as well.

A good prosthesis seeks to go unnoticed wherever possible.

Attention to details is important to achieve a good result. Among other issues is getting the best margin integrity as possible. Good color is also critical. Anaplastologists should have a strong sense of artistry as well as technical ability. Auricular Ear Facial Prosthetic

Genesis provides quality maxillofacial prosthetic care for a variety of needs. We fit eyes, ears and noses among other items. Each is hand crafted to meet each individuals needs. They are custom made to match the patient in as many details as possible, including color matching and painting. We work with bone anchored implant systems being implemented by more and more maxillofacial surgeons, as an alternative to adhesives. These implants work with magnetic and clip systems.