I am currently working on content that will show you some of the future possible technologies that may change your options of care and improve your quality of life and experience as a patient. These are not available technologies at this time. They are experimental.

Osseo integration
A bone anchored attachment is an exciting technology in the experimental phase for extremity prosthetics. As an offspring from the dental implant industry and increased use in the area of facial prosthetics, pioneering efforts are being explored on a variety of extremity applications. The short clip on the right, demonstrates the potential for future applications.

Please don’t call or e-mail me as to price of fitting possibilities.
This not a currently available treatment.

Unfortunately, many developments in implant technology
are being conducted over seas for allmanner of extremity prostheses. American manufacturers have shown little interest in leading in the development of the technology,
but rather are focused on the “me too” approach which
has limitedthem the dental and maxillofacial applications. While this product holds potential to impact all areas of prosthetics, there is no variability of such technology in the USA to date. David Van Auker has advocated to American companies, but so far has not seen interest on their part. Hopefully this will change soon. As new development are know they will be posted on this site. Current problems being addressed include site infection, slow healing/integration time, and implant design.