Partial Feet for Web

New high activity silicone partial foot prostheses are┬ánow being designed for more athletic patients! More information on here soon…

Step up to a higher quality of life and appearance with the Genesis Foot, a custom silicone partial foot prosthesis
“I was very fortunate to have someone like David work with me….. No one else in the area could offer me what I wanted. Now I look down and I see my toes again! I feel more whole and comfortable with more activities and social situations.” – TrishaThe Partial Foot Amputation-
The loss of any part of the foot can cause a multitude of problems. The foot works like a tripod, with the heel acting as one leg, the big toe as the second, and the other four toes making up the third leg. One can see why just the loss of a big toe can create serious problems for an individual. The prosthesis that a patient is fit with can make a BIG difference in his or her ability to walk, and how much energy it takes. A “toe filler” is inadequate to address the needs of the partial foot amputee.
Genesis Prosthetic Arts specializes in a silicone slipper type of prosthesis that provides better suspension, support and toe off (push off) than many conventional prostheses provided by most clinicians. Because of the fabrication process, it is easier to make a prostheses look real than to make one that does not. That being the case…why settle for a less realistic prosthesis?



Loosing part of a foot changes a patients ability to walk in a dramatic way. Function and appearance go “hand in hand” with this prosthesis



This patient was only able to walk up to an hour a day with discomfort with “toe fillers” Now this patient can walk all day without discomfort, and the appearance speaks for itself.



Don’t underestimate the importance of prosthetic rehabilitation for a toe. It serves a valuable function as you learned above. This patient expressed a concern the she had fallen several times going up stairs and found daily walking to be exhausting. Too often this type of amputation is considered “small”. But ask my patients if they agree, especially after they have received good prosthetic care.


Avoid pain and other health complications with a good prosthesis!

Foot amputations can commonly cause pain and discomfort all over the body if not adequately addressed. From ankle pan all the way up to neck pain! These problems may worsen as the structures of the foot collapse over time due to the amputation. Distortion of the foot results in misalignment and leg length issues. I have seen up to 1 1/2″ of shortening of the length of the leg. Typically it averages about 3/8″ though, which can cause serious problems. Patients may end up needing to be treated for these problems, which often could have been prevented if treated with a good prosthetic design. I just recently helped a patient get away from physical therapy 3 times a week where she was placed on a “rack” to be stretched! Sounds like the Spanish Inquisition….. All she really needed was a good prosthesis so she could not only be pain free but have a more active life again! This can happen to amputees of ALL ages.