Partial Hand Restorations for Web

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Partial Hand Prostheses- Hand injuries and defects can be fit with a partial covering which protects the limb, provide aid in grasping objects (depending on the application), and restore appearance. Watches and bracelets can assist to hide margins, and fingers can be left open to maximize function/grasp. A complete program also will include “tools” to assist in difficult activities based on individual need. I have made a variety of tools which include those for writing, eating, hammering, sawing, playing pool, cooking and even archery and shooting! My desire is to provide as complete a service as possible, meeting as many of the patients needs as I can. Getting fit with a prosthesis is a process, not an event. An impression is taken and test fittings are done. Each piece is sculpted to yield the best shape, with attention to detail and approval of the patient. A custom mold is then made, and loaded with colored silicon, which are then cured in an oven. The piece is then cleaned up, painted and custom acrylic nails are made. No step is done with out the patient’s involvement. It is your prosthesis……shouldn’t you get the best results possible?



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